John E. Bell

John E. Bell

John E. Bell is a Soul, R&B, Gospel, Jazz singer/song writer from Memphis, TN. He has recorded 2 Soul/R&B albums and has performed in Memphis, London, England, Amsterdam, and Holland on tour. John enjoys recording and writing music to express his emotions and be creative with his thoughts. In 2011 his song “Lord I need a Little Help” won the Top Runner up Song of the Year. In 2013, John released, “Dating Again” which produced a radio hit single entitled, “All I Want” which has been # 1 in many US radio markets and European Countries. In 2014, “On My Mind” appeared on the Digital Radio Network Music Charts and was featured in a TV show running in Poland and Australia on the European Music Network. In 2014, John record new music with Music Producer, Jonathan Davenport in Memphis, TN. The songs “Is there Anything”, “Natures Pick” and “Sexy Thick” were all a part of the music Sound Track for the film, “The Internal Mist of Love” released in “2014”.


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